The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Municipal Auditorium - Shreveport, LA
July 31, 1968

I attended this concert with my brother in 1968. We were living in Texarkana, TX at the time. He had just gotten a great deal on a 35MM camera. Unfortunately part of the reason it was such a good deal was because it was from the display case and the instruction manual was missing. Consequently we lucked out on a few of the pictures and managed to get the settings right. Others are a little out of focus and not the optimal exposure setting. This was before the days of point and shoot automatic cameras.

A couple of years ago I scanned one of the pictures to use as a background on my computer. A friend of mine saw it and asked if he could put it on his web site. Since then I have had several requests for additional pictures from Hendrix fans who found the picture on his site. I decided to scan the entire set of pictures and put them on the web so collectors can get at them. All I ask is that if you use them elsewhere that you let me know and give me credit.

An interesting sidenote about the concert. The opening act was Soft Machine. They were undoubtedly the loudest band I have ever heard in concert, and I have heard quite a few since then. When they started playing my brother broke out in hives with welts all over his chest and stomach. As soon as they stopped playing it went away.

Notice the sparse stage setting. No elaborate light show or sound equipment, just the amps sitting on the stage. Also notice how people were able to just walk up to the front of the stage to take pictures.

I'm grateful that I not only had the opportunity to see Jimi Hendrix at that stage of his career but to actually look him in the eye. Enjoy the pictures.