Rincon Scenes

Photographs from our new home in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Our house from the front

View of our backyard looking
south from our office window
Gazebo in the foreground

Locals Fishing at Sunset


Irene's Orchid

Grapefruits on our tree

Our parrot Taco enjoying
the beach

Seeds growing on a palm tree

Our carambola (star fruit) tree

Our tomato garden. It's fun eating
homegrown tomatoes in Jan and Feb

Tomatoes on the vine in February

My habanero plant
Hot chiles are hard to find here

Habanero chiles

First ripe habanero

Bloom on Desert Rose plant

Baby grapefruit

We started construction before
Christmas on a cement wall to
replace the chain link fence in
our backyard with a cement wall
for more privacy

We just finished this week
(1st week in March)

This 4' long iguana was on our street

Poblano Chiles

Pacilla Chiles

This week (March 24) while my son and grandchildren from Colorado are here visiting, we went up into the mountains near Maricao to visit Montoso Gardens. It is a 90 acre botanical garden, tropical flower and fruit farm, and nursery with over 600 species of exotic tropical flowers, fruits, nuts, spices, and palms owned and operated by Bryan Brunner and his brother David. Bryan came to Puerto Rico 20 years ago to study tropical horticulture and stayed. At 1500 feet elevation, the garden borders the Maricao State Forest. It is a beautiful place. Here are some pictures. Needless to say, Irene spent a few bucks on tropical plants.

Click for larger image

More to come!